Jul 14, 2011

Yo Yo! No no.. it is HELL YEAH! \,,/

Hey ya all!
My day.. I went to sleep at 05:02am and woke up at 08:05am..
So I am bit tired, and I can't eat anything cause it wont stay down.
I staid up so late 'cause I was talking with my friends about drugs.
Not in a bad way ofcuorse... just chatting...
Then I got really sad again and they cheered me up!
THANK YOU PAWI AND SMIKE!!~<3 I love you! ~<3
everyone who has been there for me when I've needed a friend. 
Big hugs and I preciate you all!~<3
I chatted really funny things with Jenny today.
Stuff like " I am a duck! No firetruck! No, now I know fireduck! 
 I went out with Nina today and she bought me and euroshopper energydrink
a.k.a. ES!!
I needed it <3
I'm happy 'cause I know that I will see Datafox tomorrow ! ~
I hope were going to have fun as always!
Btw. I don't usually use real names in my blog.
But they know that I mean them. <3
Blog ya guys laterrrrr!!!! <33

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