Aug 9, 2011

I love Skateboarding!

I'm sorry that I haven't written here in a long time.
It is just cause I bought a few days ago, the BEST skateboard ever! <3
And now it is just beautiful cause it is slightly broken. (I use it a lot)
I named it T-Rain: .
Cause there is three meanings:
1. It started raining at the first time I tried it (Rain)
2. Our Skateboardingplace a next to a Traintrack (Train)
3. Actively practicing and trainig (Train)
Yepyep .. I have since fallen only 2 times :3 At the first time I only scratched the elbow, but the second time scratched it again, and it was difficult to breathe. :3 It's pretty fun. Senni call them as "battle-scars":3
And the first time  I falled, Senni was there in a second just telling me, her motto. "It's just a scratch." : 3
Well, you must fall in skateboarding. :3

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