Sep 26, 2011

Hello world.
I'm really hopeful with something.
I really wish this one thing to happen.
I can't make it myself, it depends on someone other than me.
Some one who I love.
He just broke up with his girlfriend.
I don't go and he to be my boyfriend.
I think it is not right thing to do.
I'll let him decide.
I'll give him time and space.
Breaking up is never easy even some people think it is.
It isn't.
I have been in a whole other world for sometime.
I have lived in my own head.
I like it that way.
Still I don't close the real world from me.
I can't be myself, if I can't live like this for sometime.
I need to know what I want.

Weekend was the best.
I was with my friend.
We had a sleepover party.
We talked about boys, and of course about our crushes. ;)
We did so many great things, I felt so good for a long time.
Afterwards I really miss that time we spent..
I was happy..
But not anymore... I got many different difficult situations...
Not it is a war in my head. 
That's all I need to say for now. 
And of course...
Cheer up Make, you are Cool!  

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