Sep 2, 2011

Life, truth, love secure. I lost them all.

Do you know  how it feels when you have nothing left?
Family puts you under pressure.
Friends turn their back to you.
You can't even eat caus it makes you feel sick and you want to throwup...
Well, I do...
I'm really losing my will to live..
I guess I am not going to die either.
I just don't have almost any interest to do anything.
But I will try I'm not so weak.
I'm going to the Lataamo today. :)
I really love that place.
It makes me worth of something.
Ivan makes mefeel like I'm worth of something too.
I'm so glad that I made him happy.
Cause he is sooooooo importan to me and others.
Love you IVAN!! :)
He makes me happy.
everytime I talk to him, I feel so much better.
So here is a song for you which tells you how I feel.
You can wake me up when september ends <3

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