Sep 1, 2011

Well well, oh wishing well...

I am getting really annoid with this situation.
It kills me, really kills me...
I can't stand if this goes like this...
Even my sister has a man now..
iIam sorry for this wining, but it really fu*king annoys me.
Still more and more of my friends are avoiding me and leaving me alone.
Why do they hate me so much?!
Some one tell me, please?
Even my real best friend leaves me alone,when she is with her another friend. 
It really hurts me and I don't even know why does her friend hate me so much. 
I have done nothing wrong to her.
So why does she act like so.
I really miss some of my another friends. 
One of the friends who I miss the most is Ivan.
I have not talked to him in days so I am really missing him.
He means really much to me and I could even say that i love him!
Cheer up Ivan! I love you!
And I really need you!
For you Ivan:
We all get hurt really bad sometimes.
And we hear really much lies.
Sometimes the truth makes us sad.
Somethings can even make us mad.
Don't give up, then I wont either.
I know that you are fighter.
I wish I will find (or he finds me)
The one true love of my life! <3

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