Oct 26, 2011


Im soo sorry I haven't been here in a long long long long time.
I promise I'll be here more often for now on.
Me and the girl. We're now bestest friends.
Her name is Theresa. For me it is I mean ;3
We are always together or speaking on phone.
We live for eachother. She is exactly like me.
Of course we don't look the same but personality is the same.
I'm glad I found someone who I CAN really trust!!!
We have same problems and we get straingh from eachother.
I'm feeling much stronger now when I get bullied.
I'm always protecting her.
Im laughing everytime some one tries to bully me.
It is soo funny that they even try, cause they CAN'T!! :D haha

I fell in love with Ville Valo and HIM all over again. <33333333
He's gorgeusssss!! He's GOD!!! <3333333333333333333333333
Hahaha. My bestfriend likes my mans bestfriend! Soo cuteee!!
Heres a song for you guys and I'll blog ya later!!! <3
C YA! <3