Nov 9, 2011

Last week.


Few days, Then I have been in relationship over a year.
I love my girlfriend so much.
She is my darling, my love 4ever.
I cant live without her.
Emma I truly love you!


I had really fun last weekend.
I was with EMMA! <3
And we had a Halloween party on saturday.
(Pictures later!)
And  we eated choclate balls and we named them "monsters poop"
Plz Dont ask why :D
On sunday I was in the city with Emma and Theresa<3
Drinking Monster and ED ;D
We had fun with candies too! <3
Then I went to the movies with ,my "big sister" Anna :)
She is not my real sister just feels like it! :)
We saw movie called Contagius.
It was cool :) I recommed it to all of you!<3


Uhhhmm.. I dont remember allmost anything.
Theresa was at my place and we sang karaoke. It was fun :)
I just loce to be with her.
She is my "TWIN" ;D
I'm going to get happier now ;)

I was with Emma <3 and Theresa and Viivi-bonbon
We were laughing all the time :)
And  I was really tired cause I laughed two hours on a row everytime I saw yellow..
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I dont see anything funny about that color but I was really tired that day..


I'm in school.
Here is so boring.
Even though I can be in internet.
So booring..
I wish school could be over already..
My love is coming to here in few hours.
We are not in same school..
And she is one year younger than me :) <3
She is sick today so im going to her place to cheer her up =3
and I cant live without her. <3I'll blog ya later, alligator! ~<33
Emzz I love you honey 4 ever! <33

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