Nov 23, 2011

Rocker life

I have been living a rocker life this week.
I have stayed up late, planning and doing my music video..
I have been late for school every single day this week.
I just  have to do things.
Today I need to go tot the music shop.
We need to buy new drums for Theresa,
and a pair of guitar strings.
I need then and she needs them :)
Our band is finnally progressing.
And I desided I'll be the basist.
I hope well start to get practicing soon.
We dont have the room yet.

We have almost planned everything in our A7X - SO FAR AWAY music video
We miss and love him much!
Best drummer in the world.
I'll link it here when we have it ready.
Theresa has been living with me for all this week.
We just need to get that music video ready soon before snow comes in.
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Love you blog-dogs!! <3

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