Nov 30, 2011

True Rockstar (?)

What a wierd week...
I have not eated almost anything.
Have just practiced with the band and
working on our music video.
I'm still trying to make our band a whole.'
I'm not sure about should I let my friend
to be our singer.
It has been my dream but...
I'll let her.
She has a very good voice and I'll
do anything for the band.
Im not sure am I a guitarist or  a basist.
I have skills for both.
Guitar is more fun and exciting.
Bass is a bit easier and it sounds good.
So really complicated this whole band thing.
I'll figure it out soon enough.
 Yo, bloggers!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi :3 I don't know how I ended up in your blog, I was just surfing around but I decided to leave a comment because I read you have a band, it must be fucking exciting! It's been my dream for so many years haha:3 But good luck, and do you have any songs online somewhere? I'd be interested to hear some.