Nov 2, 2011

What about me..?

Im getting really upset with my life..
I love everyone around me and all my friends MUCH!! <3
But still it feels like no one does really understand me...
Im sort of happy cause we won 3000e in lottory..
Now I get my videocam soon..
I wrote a suicide letter few days ago..
Im sure it is not real, just emotional breakdown for me..
Im not going to kill myself.
Reasons why not:

1.My dreams would be ruined.
- I want to be a rockstar
- have a band
- Meet Ville Valo <3
-Show to our school I AM SOMETHING!

2.My friends would hate me and get hurt.
- I dont want to hurt them, never!
- I love them and Im glad they are in my life.
- They love me.
-I cant do that to them...

Here's the main reasons...

I need to thank few of my friends!
Theresa~ Thank you that youre always with me when I need you! Darling!!! <33
Datafox~Thank you for talking sense to me. Love you too! <333
Roni~ Thank you for making me feel better..I need to know you more!! <33
Pawi~Thank you for being my bigbro!! <333
Mikko~ Thank you for being one of my best friends! <33


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