Jan 25, 2012


This feels unfair.
My best friends mother blames me about all of my bff's problems...
It does not feel fair at all cause it is not the truth.
When I heard it first time I started to laugh.
Now it makes me cry.
"Am I so bad?"
"Is this my fault?"
Those are the questions which yell in my head.
Im using this situation for my own best.
Im writin songs about it and maybe gettin
some good ones made...

My top 10 of bands:
9.Sonata arctica
8.No signs of life
7.Countless Goodbyes
6.The Roadside story
5.Bullet for my valentine
4.Within temptation
1.Avenged Sevenfold!!!!!!<3

I just hate rasist people..
Why they cant mind of their own sucking lives..
Well, I'm not clear either.
I have said bad things and I know it is wrong.
I'm trying to stop thinkin about "niggars" or "Gays" 
there is not any kind of "they" & "we".
There is only us.
We are the same.
All of us are indivituals.
I don't accept the people who sit on streets and beg.
It is not right not if you are anykind of human.
White, Black, Gay, Bi, Straight.. etc.
WE all are the same!

Hope you'll guys will understand this someday...

Jan 18, 2012

Check my "new" situation or something....

It is over..
My relationship is over..
Me and my ex-girlfriend broke up yesterday...
Someone tell me why in all this mess this did happen to me?
Well I'm glad it happend now..
When i get over this mess...
i dont fall in depression again..
Now  i'll just..
Try to move on..
Even now when I really DONT want to...
I was with her 1 year and 2 months...
Everything especially happiness last too little time...

I'm in school...
I really cant concentrate in anything...
Well, I have my friends and my dreams.
I'll move on.
It takes time but I'll move on someday...

I need a summerjob.
I have no money at all!
I want reaalllyyy badlyy new dresses.
I'm hoping my band goes on.
I need truely NEED some job.

Im trying to blog more..
It pretty hard.
Im stressed and I have forgot lots of things lately.
I need my calender more than ever ;D

Heartagram hugs and razorblade kisses!! :* muaaaahh!!