Jan 18, 2012

Check my "new" situation or something....

It is over..
My relationship is over..
Me and my ex-girlfriend broke up yesterday...
Someone tell me why in all this mess this did happen to me?
Well I'm glad it happend now..
When i get over this mess...
i dont fall in depression again..
Now  i'll just..
Try to move on..
Even now when I really DONT want to...
I was with her 1 year and 2 months...
Everything especially happiness last too little time...

I'm in school...
I really cant concentrate in anything...
Well, I have my friends and my dreams.
I'll move on.
It takes time but I'll move on someday...

I need a summerjob.
I have no money at all!
I want reaalllyyy badlyy new dresses.
I'm hoping my band goes on.
I need truely NEED some job.

Im trying to blog more..
It pretty hard.
Im stressed and I have forgot lots of things lately.
I need my calender more than ever ;D

Heartagram hugs and razorblade kisses!! :* muaaaahh!!

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  1. en keksi mitään järkevää kommentoitavaa, joten syö sieniä. :>