Feb 25, 2012

Everything is okay if we do this together.

I have been thinking alot lately. About life and the positive sides of it.
Everything is not as bad as it seems.
You all know about my depression and it takes a lot to go through everyday.
But now even I know everything has a positive side.
I have gone trough a lot. I don't say that I have gone through more that maybe you have.
It sound korny to say "" Everything is going to be okay.." And it is not true.
You need to find the strongness in you. I havent find mine yet.
I still believe I have it in somewhere in me.
Everything is not okay of course.
If youre parent die it is not okay ever, still it has a positive side. 
It will help you grow. Even though I know it sounds awful to think that way but it is true.
(My parents do live)

 I cant say I really know how everything works and how does everything feel.
And I will never be able to know that. But I really try to learn as much as I cant in this boulevard of life.
I wont be able to make this world better. Nobody can do it alone.
We CAN NOT do it alone. But if we get together and listen all the people in this world who have hard time. (I mean the whole world). We should concentrate on the youngs of this world. They will be the future of this world someday. They will make this world go in the better way.

All who think this life it is not worth living. Don't think that it will change after you die. You understand what it feels like to be hurt. So you should teach it to other people. We all should be together in this and think why this world goes this way. Nowadays teens (even me) are cruel. We make everyone else feel bad cause we feel bad inside. WAKE UP! Anything will not change if you hurt others! IT IS WRONG IN EVERYWAY!
Who gets happy for someone saying ""You are an ugly bitch" "You are worthless, fat and awfull" Trust me and the life nobody does feel better after it. Not the one who hears it or the one who says it. Cruellness will not change anything. You don't need to be like "I will think how everyone else feels but not me" That is not right either. I'm scared to say these things but I hope something even a little thing will change when you even try to understand how it hurts.    
This is just the way I think. I can't say that I'm right on this one. You ll have your own opinions. That is how it should be. We should preciate all the differences in us. If you don't like something about yourself, cange it. If somebody else don't like something about you then they are not worth of you. We all are the same humanity.
We all have our needs and dreams and likes. But we can't say that is wrong to like something you don't. Be yourself and show what you like. Don't care about those who don't like it. They like something what you don't like. That is the truth. 
I hope you this made you think a bit.
 Have a nice day. I hope that you leave this page in better contidicion than you came.
C ya later!

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