Feb 22, 2012

Poems and Ville Valo just save my life!

Hey guys! 
For some reason I have been really sad for few days.
I don't even know why, but I feel so lonely.
I need some on eto be there for me.
Hold me and say that Im me and I dont need to change at all.
I feel like no-one understands me truly.
I feel like cant erase the words so the reality grows.
I wish I died,
On that right by your side,
So just kill me now and let the good times roll.
I feel like this. ^ I can't help it. My life just seems to hate me.
It is like when love and death embrace.
Simple poem <3
Cold days and loving nights.
I feel like I'm burning inside.
I feels so cold, the reapers hands.
Will love ever last?
My heart is ice and soul lies in hell.
Why this is something so hard to tell.
Wings on my back are red of blood.
They shot me down from my god.
Im pretending that sorrow is not here.
It is over there, I say and tell.
Sharp pieces of the lies cut my eye.
It burns and hurts.
Salt in my wounds, my feelings burst.
Kill me slowly, Kill me fast.
The joy of yours will never last.
I wrote you a letter thinking your life could be better.
But no, you will be in hell with me forever.
You'll die in fever and join me in my pain
Here is just something that I wrote. Did not even take a long time to make that.

Blog ya later. Love ya all! 

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