Feb 29, 2012

thoughts of today

The most boring time of my life. Except this vacation I've had a friend with allmost all the time.
And I really need some rest.
Talking 2 weeks on a row just about my problems got me pretty exhausted.
Believe not as easy as it sounds but it will really make u feel better. Now I know when this all started.
'And why I even have all these problems. But hey I'm pretty happy.
My dream is going fast the way it should.
I just wrote a new song called Frozen rose.
I think I did a pretty good job. Now I'll just need to wait that our singer gets out...
Somethings just do happen them selves. Some don't. That is just how it is.

 Spell calls
I have learned a lot about spells. I have started to really believe in magic.
I really am believeing in witches. But not at werewolves.
There is something what I still think are really just stories
I do believe in fairies as the guardinans of the elements.
I don't believe that everyone can be witches, werewolves or vampires.
I dont bealieve that anyone has ever seen a real vampire.
I believe that some this ability runs in the family and some have this as a calling.
I think werewolves don't exsist. And  vampires are not humans.
I think that any of  us  could have the possibility to be a witch.
Ofcourse everyone cant have it.
Spells and magic attract me very much.
It begin when I was 11 years old.
I saw a ghost.  And I've seen them eversince.
Now I am learning to be a full witch.

Lost in nature
I have suddenly felt wierd preciation when I walk in forest.
I honor the old trees. They have seen a lot in this worl over time.
I miserable when I think someday all these majestic trees are gone.
The are like an old wise humans who tell me stories.
Wind signs the most beautiful lullabies.
Animals show how we should preciate this nature.
Without them there wouldn't be us.
Don't believe me, go even once. in the middle of the night, outside just to look at the sky.
Maybe it will hit you too, like it hitted me.<3  

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