Mar 7, 2012


I am surprised of myself. With a help of my dear friend Senni we cleaned my room. It has been a total mess.

My room my mess,
My own business 
^ Was my motto few years ago. :) 

Well we have a purpose why we cleaned my room :)
My sister's dog Nalle is going to be here for the weekend.
And my birthday is soon.  
(.-.) (._.) (.-.) Rollin' 
 <-- There she is. It was summer 2010 we were at the beach.
She is soo damn cute! :3:3:3:3:3:3

I just love that dog over anything!! He is my therapy dog. When I cry she licks my tears away. She makes me smile. I loooooove that dooooggg!! <333  

Mar 1, 2012

My new look ;)

Look at this style ;))
Made it my self :) Nothing more really. :D