Apr 17, 2012

Hmmm.. Fair play and Latest news

I keep gettin myself more tired and tired all the time.
First I make myself go to school and try my best.
Then straight there I go and try to earn money to make my dream come true.
Same time emotionally everything feels like hell.
I dont even remember anything about my school days.. They exhauste me,
but still I cant remember anything.
Strange huh?
Anyways I have been singin in the Railway-station and my friend plays the guitar..
I owe her so much and.. Sometimes I just want to run away again.
Home is a great place but I want to see other countries.
Mom says "You have time for that later"
But we all got just one life j´so we should live it full...
Ahhh. I dunno..
And again Im sooooo crushed in one guy..
Punk boi
 I wish the punk boi would like to bw with me :D
But now. Good night from working my ass off :D
- JanzQ

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