Apr 24, 2012

I think I'm a bit twisted

I was thinking today.. a lot..
 this is what I wrote in my secret (not so secret anymore) diary.

I could jump in train and just travel in Finland and then around the world.
Of course I would miss Finland, but I don't let it bother me.
Unknown gives me hope for future.
Human makes everything too easy, our instincts are fading and dissapearing
average human cannot survive in the wild nature.
Well, I can't.
I have been living in this asphalt jungle for all my life.
Even in here is the natures laws.
Eat or be eaten. If u are not the first u wont bother to even try.
I think I am maybe too generalising, or maybe not.
Lack of education touches the bottom of my heart 
People are scared of criticism
Do any people have any resourses to critisize at all?
Too big questions for this little girl.
Is there a spiritual age?
Can we born again?
Why there is no proof?
Everyone has got their own opinion.
Everyone has been taught how to think. 
Colors or black?
Rainbow or a blackhole?
Do I think black and white?
Human nature and human rights.
Life is unaittable  flame.
Alone has everyone to be and the lock never gives up. 'sick.
Ball of dust beneath the black sun in a summerday.
Not be able to stop.
Can't be blind for childs tears
Balance is sensitive source of truth
unaittability is the joy of life
Lyrics are the suffering of pleassure
In a way to home transforming forever.
Garden desires the healing light of the soul, darkness shall turn to ashes
Pressing a button the book of memories damps with blood and waits for an angel
an angel which in its power does no one believe in.
happiness in chains can't fly free underneath the monarchy.
Anarchy makes room for peace, clears the hopeless.
Gas around your childhood says happy rest life.
Do u preciate life like thousands of wins or do u live just to win?
Life is time and death is a begining. 
in the end thank u has its place.
Dont give up, with blue eyes the riddle forgets the meaning.


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