May 29, 2012

Summer starts.. NOW!

My summer has begun. Only few days in school and holiday is starting.
I have no idea how my summer is going to be. But I'm going to have lots of fun and relax.
My look for now is fresh and some kind of hippey.
Well, Its hard to explain so Im going to show u later.
I think I should start to upload more photos in here to make my blog a little moooore interesting.
Even tho I have no idea who reads my texts. : 3
I just need to say that Laurie Blue and me are having loooooots of fun already. No day without a laugh when I'm with her.
And have to say I miss Theresa soooooooooooooooooooooo much.
She is going to move away from Tampere so I don't know is she going to be our singer anymore.
I hope her mother will let her.

May 4, 2012

Manson is handsome

I just tried hypnozis the first time of my life, and I have to admit, IT WORKED!
I was so sure its full of crap but no It really made me feel like it said
Im amazed.
I actually feel calm and relaxed.
But something wierd came out after it.
I had to listen three albums of Marilyn Manson

I honestly think he is handsome.
Say me a freak, Say I'm crazy
That won't change my opinion.
I adore that man :3
Say what u want,
I feel like we at least one thing in common
We are who we are

I mean look at that man.
Do u think he is a typical "asshole"?
I don't
I believe he knows this life in many kinds of levels
I have even no idea in which levels.
He's music Is awesome *shivers*