May 4, 2012

Manson is handsome

I just tried hypnozis the first time of my life, and I have to admit, IT WORKED!
I was so sure its full of crap but no It really made me feel like it said
Im amazed.
I actually feel calm and relaxed.
But something wierd came out after it.
I had to listen three albums of Marilyn Manson

I honestly think he is handsome.
Say me a freak, Say I'm crazy
That won't change my opinion.
I adore that man :3
Say what u want,
I feel like we at least one thing in common
We are who we are

I mean look at that man.
Do u think he is a typical "asshole"?
I don't
I believe he knows this life in many kinds of levels
I have even no idea in which levels.
He's music Is awesome *shivers*

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