Jun 11, 2012

few things from today ~

Do not ever give up about him who makes you smile.
Life's greatest challenge is to find someone who knows all your faults, and the differences of you and knows ur screwed up things, but despite that accepts you as you and stays with you. 
 If you have a person you care about for real, hold onto him and give him a part of yourself. 
 Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you angry and miss him, when he is not with you.
I know what is like to be hurt, to miss someone important, to be hated, to think im hated, feel like nothing goes right, feeling bad for friend, friend stabbing a back... I know all of these. And look.
Here I am.
Still living and going on.
 <--- This is not just a picture.
You can have this.
You can feel like this.
You only need to believe in yourself.
And trust others.
All you need to do is not give up hope,
dont reject the beautiful things.
Remember when you are at the bottom..

I have been in the bottom.
many many times.
but I have got up there.
Myself or with the help of friends.

So, my mind goes from heaven to hell and back in seconds again.
My bestest friend ever  lives in england.
He is uper duper important to me and I love him much.
Mark you're my angel <3
I'm still going to move in england ASAP.
I really love england and the unfair part is...
My friend Laurie is there right now visiting London right now.
Well, My turn will come. :3

So I'll blog you later, relax, have fun and have good day!~

- JanzQ

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