Jun 26, 2012

I need to come out of my shell now..

Something hit me. 
Something hit me deep.

I'm thankful for everyone who have bullied me over the years,
Thank you!
I'm better person cause of you.
I know what hurts and how it hurts.
In this life there is lots of moments.
Bad and not so bad.
Good moments are rare.
I have found friends who want to be there beside me.
If u ever had not bullied me, I would not had to do so pathetic things I didt
to find friends.
And Now I have best friends in the world!
They have saved my life
I have tried suicide many times cause of loneliness..
No longer. Friends never leave me.
They're true friends.
Even tho, Life likes to be cruel.
an take it's toll.
Just be cruel back and don't give a fuck.
I honestly know what I'm talking about.
And I know this what I say is not easy at all
 I know my situation is not the worst or even near.
But still I can tell you some of my experienses and tell you, YOU CAN go over them.

I have been bullied in school every day for 8 years now.

I have been: spitted on, ripped by clothes, ripped by hair,
pushed against the walls and lockers,
 name calling (fat, ugly, bitch, whore, slut, emo, angstkid, fat-emo)
read my personal diary,
kicked and hit me, they have called me a demon who curses them all,
they have avoided me as much as they can.
I had to starv myself cuz of them.
I was so scared to go on classes I got very low grades.
but still I am here.
They did not break me down.
I look how I want to and I live my life. Soon enough. I can get rid of them.
This is me! I have not been listened to how I should look like!

And start to make my dreams come true.

In home life has not been so good at times either.
 everything but it is just normal. ;3 remember it.
OMG! Is she EMO?! No I'm not. And even If I was I'd be proud.

 You have seen me! Some of you think I am beautiful, some don't
You have to realize u can please everyone.
You only have to please yourself!
I'm not just talking in here. It's true. You will notice.
Teen age is terrible yet wonderful time.
Take every possibility and open your wings. They will get u far!
I had to tell everyone who has ever doubted theirselves.
DON'T! Just live and show middle finger to anyone who you don't care, unless they truly care about you.
Don't ever say goodbye to a friend who cares about you.
Just say good bye to them. who don't deserve you.
BE YOUR OWN LIFE'S PRINCE(SS) Just like I am! <3
Blog ya later! <3 I love you guys!                                                                          

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  1. hey its robbie kirby here <3 your blogs are beautiful i always read them