Jun 23, 2012


So, It's mid summer and everyones having party and stuff.
We had somekind yesterday. Some music and sweets. Karaoke and stuff.
Yeah, the normal. But NO ALCOHOL! nuh-uh.
We don't need it to have fun.

My heart got a hit
Cupid's Arrow is from his wine I guess
It sank so deep in
Just like to stay there forever
I shake cause of the attack
Even if it hurts, I don't weep

I was living in my world
I thought that that the peace would not shake
but just wait
In my dreams you come, you are mine, you are in my dreams
Day and night only I miss you

My heart is in your hand
I turn so weak when I fall in love
My heart is yours forever
I hope that you share yours with me
My soul is like in a fog
searching for thee, and I'm restless

I want to fall on your arms
Your smile has caused it
I do not stand to wait for your touch
My knees fail under me
You can have me completely
I make my journey to your arms

Summer.. its fuck*ng cold in here.
Yea,.. I Love Finland... 
So what are you up to do guys?
Put some comments about your summerplans.
I'd like to know. :3

Blog ya later, alligator!         

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