Jun 2, 2012

Some thoughts of today.

"I would die for you, anyday, anytime, anyplace, anyway.."
  Almost everyone says that some time in this life.
Even I have said it.
But who will really sacrifice his life to let someone else live.
In a real situaiton would you do anything to save someone.
If you would, would it be a child, an elder, someone who u know, or someone u don't?
Would you save some one for what reason?
So u could  be remembered as a hero, or that someone else can live a full life?
I can't say how I would decide in such situation.
Would I live or die. It sounds horrible to say that u would keep living your own life and let some one else die.
We have tounderstand even if it sounds so horrible and selfish, it is what people is born to do.
We are born to survive.

Today and yesterday has been raining a lot.
10 secs out there and youre dripping. Well it makes me very poetic :3

(I do not own this picture)

Wings to you

Is love just a dream of a white,
pink color while the atmosphere, free from heart-shake?

Or is it a glowing fire,
that all your dreams
make fly ?

Why do your lips desire
to make my heart so
messed up?

I am unable to my soul anymore
to manage,
I want you entirely!

In my dream, you come to me
you lead your lap and kiss you ...

My lips on your chest to wander,
playing with my hands in your hair

Passion of you hold me entirely!

Your sweetness, lusts
to touch my lips,
my tongue violently will love ...

I feel the passion
power increases,
You cry out for more and more demanding!

I'll be crying in love
over the body,
melt inside of you,
you caught alight!

After a while one rising to the heavens
cry the same language of love!

Random poem I made
Have fun and blog ya soon! <3

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