Jun 13, 2012

Wish upon a star and read wise words

Wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove
say it out loud, as innocent as a dove,
the last tear, never longer..
Young alcoholics, turn to old alcoholics,
Easier to be wrong, than searching for the right,
Easier to break, than to build
Easier to hurt, than to love
Not believing, than to believe
Go where its easiest to go

And that is why we're here


Where is the caring, there is love
Where is the honesty, there is trust
Where is good to be, there is happiness
Where are the dreams, there is hope
Where are you, There is me

<--You and me always together <3

Everyone here chooses their own way, others dont need to know the reason. You do not have to ask for the answer, the important thing is that you stay on the map yourself

Without you I'm nothing,
No way to survive. 
You make my day.
You are my sun and I'll never Let you go.

blog you later.
                                                          - JanzQ

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