Jul 31, 2012

New life is going to start in fucking fifteen

I have found out my family and I are going to move in Ylöjärvi.
But its not sure.(yet.)
I really want that house because there I could have my own room and style it myself.
this is the colour theme: Lavender & Black
I have planned it much aready and its going to be huge dissapointment if we don't get that house.
Also I have started to listen one "new" band.
 System of a Down <3

Aerials, Prison song, Lonely day, Sugar and Cigaro are my fav songs.
"My cock is much bigger than yours"
I adore Daron Malakian <3

I'm waiting for school. Its my senior year of secondary school so its my 9th grade.
I really want to study but I fear for my power and energy.
My mental state can go really bad in school.
So it gets me scared.
Its going to be serious year and very important too.
I have to choose to go to high-school or in vocational-school..
2 weeks and left until school (14 days)

Let's jump again in other subject.
Here is list of all piercings I want:
3 brow piercings


Christina piercing

Venom bites

Bellybutton piercing

Nipple piercings

There is few piercings xD

I Think that is all I have to say for now :3

Bye bloggers :3


Jul 24, 2012

Despirate or?

I once met this girl,
She’s pretty as could be,
I told her she was beautiful,
But she didn’t believe me.

Frustration consumed me,
How could she not see,
Despite the perfection I perceive,
She sees inadequacy.

See society has taught her,
To hate her the skin she’s in,
To compare herself to billboards,
To starve util she’s thin.

But even if she made it,
Ignored her hunger pain,
Would she finally feel at peace,
Or would her sorrow remain.

Rejection like an infection,
Breeding victims of disaffection,
So pardon my interjection,
But we must go a new direction.

This isn’t natural selection,
Rather a warped projection,
Women don’t need your objection,
They deserve uninfluenced introspection.

Jul 17, 2012

Carvings and love

Hello everyone.
I want to escape from reality.
I got a reminder of how some people can just be so stupid and pathetic.
I had to go to store with Laurie and there was my ex with his friends...
I just  happen to haaaate his friends.
First they act nice and suddenly all the shit came up..
And the BEST of all all the shit theytalked was about me and my friends outside look.
Oh, come on.. I just feel like they can't even piss me of
Pssst They called me an elephant :'D.
I was after just laughing at them...
But now I feel kind of horrible.
Is that really what they think of me?
Even tho. I try not to care but still, it somehow bothers me a bit.
I know there is people who wont accept me, what kind I ever was.
So, I'm still going to be loyal to my own personal style.
It just was a little wake up call to me from my fantasy world.

Can some one buy me a flying ticket to England, please?

No serously I need to get there  for even a visit..
I just honestly need a cuddle.
Cuddle with the person I care about the most.



I did these today. <3

Forever and ever baby<3

One thing before I go to have my sleep..

Ty, Don't do anything stupid.
I care about you.
You are important as hell to me..

Well all I have to say so bye.


Jul 11, 2012

Love hurts and helps and feels so good

The 7 things I like about you!
Your hair, your eyes, your clothes
When we kiss I'm hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hands in mine
When we're intertwined, everything's alright
I wanna be with the one I know
And the 7th thing I like most that you do
You made me love you.
To Robbie! <3

One word I won't understand.
I feel hurt, I feel so good.
Wow, I really can't understand the word..
My whole life is Robbie! <3
All I had to say for now <3

Bye and cya! <33                                                                                               -JanzQ

Jul 10, 2012

Somedays just go by without noticing.

Hello to you all.
Once again I coloured my hair. 
Black and red.
I like it a lot and it suits me pretty well. (Pictures later)
So what have I thought past these few days.
Mostly Robbie.

I have no idea what I should write in here.
Summervacation is still on.
But this does not feel like summer at all.
This summer has been almost all rain rain rain.
I know you guys know thatI love rain but...
U know..
I get upset when it is raining.
_That is just who I am_
If you try to search through me brick by brick what will you find.
Thoug outside, Inside there is a big caring heart that beats for;

Human rights,
Deep thinking,
and of course for Robbie.

You really should not judge people by their looks.
I have come up with some bullying stories lately.
Most of them are just ridiculous.
Like some one (actually many) are bullied cause of the haircolour.
Like what the fuck?
U guys really judge peple by the hair colour?
Thats just stupid and ridiculous.
I know I'm not perfect myself and I do judge people by the skin colour.
I can admit that. But I'm not saying it is right thing to do.
Cause it is not.
I know how it feels when someone judges you by the looks.
Some people avoid me cause of my looks.
But I'm getting used to it.

Even tho I'm talking all this shit I'm not sayin this whole world is rotten.
There is some good people out there.
I have seen few. Like my friends.
and no I'm not saying they are perfect either.
we have our fights.
we do saybad things to eachother at times.
Still they stand by me all the time I need them.
Specially Robbie.
He tries he's fucking everything to make me even smile.
I preciate and love him much.
I have a kind heart.
I really do.
and I don't know does this all sound like I'm trying to make myself so much fucking better than everyone else
I'm not trying to do that.

Have you seen any flowers or trees lately?
Yes you have.
Have you stopped by them and thought about them?
I doubt.
Have you ever tought thatthe nature gives us so much everyday.
I have learned to love nature's powers more day by day.

U really think I'm talking nonsense?
I know how you feel.
I sometimes read my own blogmarks and think like "What the fuck I'm talking about?"
but every word comes from the heart.

Well now. Song for you and I will blog you later

Pssssst!  I love you Robbie! <3

Blog you guys later

Jul 1, 2012

I wanna steal your heart and eat your brainzz

Urban love song. 
 I think only one person when I listen this song.
Robbie ! <3
I really need him to my life.
my best best best friend and love! <3
I couldn't think my life without you..
Be in my life forever and longer! <3
I adore adore adore and adore you boy!
U are too Important to me!
I'll be here for you.
All the time.
Whenever you need me I'm here for you.

 Robbie makes me smile! 
Robbie makes me laugh!
Robbie is tooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!


I visited Lamminpään's graveyard.
I visited my friend's, my friends cousin and my elders graves.
I felt the peace of that place. I adore graveyards and I'm going there very soon again.

I feel so peaceful now and I think I'll just hanfg this last evening.

Blog ya later