Jul 17, 2012

Carvings and love

Hello everyone.
I want to escape from reality.
I got a reminder of how some people can just be so stupid and pathetic.
I had to go to store with Laurie and there was my ex with his friends...
I just  happen to haaaate his friends.
First they act nice and suddenly all the shit came up..
And the BEST of all all the shit theytalked was about me and my friends outside look.
Oh, come on.. I just feel like they can't even piss me of
Pssst They called me an elephant :'D.
I was after just laughing at them...
But now I feel kind of horrible.
Is that really what they think of me?
Even tho. I try not to care but still, it somehow bothers me a bit.
I know there is people who wont accept me, what kind I ever was.
So, I'm still going to be loyal to my own personal style.
It just was a little wake up call to me from my fantasy world.

Can some one buy me a flying ticket to England, please?

No serously I need to get there  for even a visit..
I just honestly need a cuddle.
Cuddle with the person I care about the most.



I did these today. <3

Forever and ever baby<3

One thing before I go to have my sleep..

Ty, Don't do anything stupid.
I care about you.
You are important as hell to me..

Well all I have to say so bye.


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