Jul 24, 2012

Despirate or?

I once met this girl,
She’s pretty as could be,
I told her she was beautiful,
But she didn’t believe me.

Frustration consumed me,
How could she not see,
Despite the perfection I perceive,
She sees inadequacy.

See society has taught her,
To hate her the skin she’s in,
To compare herself to billboards,
To starve util she’s thin.

But even if she made it,
Ignored her hunger pain,
Would she finally feel at peace,
Or would her sorrow remain.

Rejection like an infection,
Breeding victims of disaffection,
So pardon my interjection,
But we must go a new direction.

This isn’t natural selection,
Rather a warped projection,
Women don’t need your objection,
They deserve uninfluenced introspection.

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