Aug 27, 2012


So I was in a one kind of hospital for two weeks.
Teenage at its highest point and senior year in school and way different lifestyle nowadays.
I'm going to move in another city and I try to live more healthier. 
Im not giving up on the habit of  smoking :D
but eating more properly and sleeping enough. (at night not at day like my summer days)
now, i don't feel like eating even tho i should.  f*ck! We'll see about my "healthier" habbits.
So I'm still sitting here even tho i should be sleeping by now.
I was almost sleeping earlier. and I'm single again.
Turned out he was kinda.. uhmm... how to say it nicely.. an asshole!
But I'm over. Teenage what else I can say :D
my hair is pink-black nowadays