Sep 10, 2012

I failed xD

I have a plaster on my leg cause I fell of a scooter :D
I have some nerve-damage but its not broken, fortunately.
and this timing is the worst cause we are moving to Ylöjärvi right now.
I'm playing games on computer and just relaxing.
Leeeeeeeg acheessss.. :/
I'm just laying in my bed listening S.O.A.D

♥ kiss on the neck = "we belong together"

♥ kiss on on the shoulder = "I want you"

♥ kiss on the lips = "I love you"

♥ holding hands = "we can learn to love each other"

♥ slap on his/her ass = "that's mine"

♥ play with the ear,= "I can not live without you"

♥ hold tight = " never let go of me"

♥ look in the eye,= "do not let go of us"

♥ play with his/her hair,= "say that you love me"

♥ hands on hips = "I love too much to let go"

♥ laugh and kisses = "I am completely relaxed with you"

♥ piece of advice - do not ask for a kiss, just  do it yourself.

♥ if you thought someone at the same time when you read this, you are surely in love.

♥ never should be too much in love, if love is lost of life he can not be forgotten

Love hurts, and life does too.
Mehhhhh! I'm havin fun anyway.
and I have my own cat nowadays <3 yaaaaaaaaaaaay<3

blog ya later!


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