Nov 15, 2012

Run away baby, run away

Well well, look who is back.                                                              
I have been thinking pretty crazy stuff lately.                                 
Two of those I have done.                                                             
Belly ring and running away.                                                             
Yesterday I ran away from home.                                                     
I felt like i don't belong here and no one will miss me.                          
I was wrong.                                                                                      
_I made REALLY many worried sick._                                              
I felt like that I'm only trouble.                                                             
I havent been in school for two weeks.                                                
I can't wake up, I try but still nothing.                                                   
I'm always late.                                                                                    
I heard people talk that Im trouble.                                                       
Then I decided to go.                                                                           
I cycled in Lamminp√§√§, then jumped in a bus to go to central square.     
Then I went to another bus and went to Pori.                                        
its quite far from where I live.                                                               
I wanted to be in peace.                                                                     
To find myself and the place I belong.                                                 
Now im in much more bigger trouble.                                                  
I think I might be in childcare-center for the rest of my youth.               
Thats not life.                                                                                        
not life at all.                                                                                          
So FUCK FUCK FUCK!                                                                 
I hate this. I can't do anything. goddammit.                                              
Its not what is best for me. NO!                                                            
i can't decide.                                                                                         
I might not be uploading this in very long time...                                        
Farewell for now my lovely friends and readers<3