Nov 13, 2013

Pizzeria of love!

Helloooooooooooooooo! ♥
I dont have much to blog about right now.
Only few things.
Im in a job training for two weeks in a pizzeria.
I love the job! My boss is so awesome and the customers understand really well that im new and still training. They are supernice and polite. Gosh!!
What I do in there you ask?
Im a cashier. I also am a waitress and I clean dishes and the place. So pretty normal except that I dont do the actual food. I dont have training in that and the place is very qualafied. Quality is their 1# priority. It has been quite silent these days but its normal when the week is just begun. Friday should be really busy. :)
Im just really energetic and I really do my very best to get the best cv I possibly can.
I do evening shifts so I am awake in there! Haha!★

Also I have new exremely awesome friend called RayVen!♡
He is really nice, funny, honest and just everything you can wish from a friend!!
So cheers RayVen!♡ I love you sweetheart!
So thats about all for now. Im in a hurry right now. :p

Blog ya later my little cherrypies!♡

-Rebella ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Oct 17, 2013

Halloween ♥

Halloween is coming and I cant wait!
I have an awesome costume!
Me and my awesome boyfriend are having a party in couple of weeks.
Halloween is only Holiday  us unholy creatures can be ourselves, without the bad looks and revealing who we truely are.

Today is also the first snowday in finland.
Personally I haye snow and winter.
Too bright and white and wets everything.  You know.

Today also happens to be my boyfriends BIRTHDAY!♥♡♥♡
I love you forever and ever♡♥♡♥

All for now my Monsters! ♥

- Rebella

Sep 28, 2013

Dinner plans♥

Now I am going for dinner in Pancho Villa with my boyfriend, my sister, her husband, her friend and baby boy Miro♥
I love all these people. We always have so much fun♥ we going to the centresquare.

My neck has been kramping since yesterday. I cant hold my head sraight... hurts pretty bad.
But anyways short blog text now.

Seeee yaaa!                         -Rebella

Sep 26, 2013


Hi everyone.
Im the First time blogging from my phone. I got new phone yesterday
Samsung galaxy s 3 and im really much in love with it. I can post more pictures and other stuff with this. Its white-lime colored. The phone is white but i have a flip cover on which is lime. So really fresh looking. You cant even believe how happy i am now. I have wanted this phone for ages and I finnally got it.
So now i can promise 100% that i will blog much more. Even some useless shit.

Now its fall in finland and it was a huge suprise for me that it would be this freezing cold. The first Frost has come and i got to say its horrible. I really happen to hate Winter. Its very beautiful but im already freezing and i dont like that the snow wets everything.
But the fall is really exremely Beautiful time. The colors are so delicious.

I also have started training baby care. I have neq baby born doll and I love taking care of it. Its so fun.  I do get to take care of a real baby when i want to. I have 4 months old god boy called Miro. He is easily the cutest baby i have ever seen. He talks his own baby worda and laughs at me all the time
He hardlyw ever cries at all.
I can post a pic of him when i learn to so it. Haha ♥

Oh and speaking of learning. My school goes really bad. I do learn fast and that but i have so many missed classes. Over 20h now... and if i dont do anything to it soon ill be kicked out of the School.

I also found pictures of me in the internet i have not upload myself. About that i am so fucking mad.

That is the latest hearings from me and my life but what  would a blog be worhout any political wievs.
I know!

See ya!                  -Rebella xoxo

Aug 28, 2013

If you're too school for cool

Heya my lovelies!

Today I decided to write in here, Its been a while again..
So now I'm going to talk about...


I have been at my new school for almost two weeks now and all I can say is that
I hate my new class. There is only 2-4 people I don't wanna beat up. ( 20 students in total )
They have so "funny" jokes about my hair and clothes.
BUT as you know I'm (trying to be) mature and leave it all behind and not show how much
they irritate me.
I everyday just want to scream "I FU*KING HATE YOU!"
but instead of that I just smile and listen to music.
My studies are going well even tho I'm not coming along with the other students.
I'm really doing my best and I think I will go far if I can just concentrate
as hard as I can on the school this year. 

I know how some of you love music so I'll put few songs on my playlist.
 (I listen them usually when I wake up)

Here are couple of my favourites:

I really like Miley's new style! Someone would say that she is slutty and stuff, but I think she is really beutiful and being what she wants to be. She might not ant to be like that forever but now she wants and I'm proud she can be however she wants to! She gives me strenght to be myself too :3

And as you can see I'm in love with videogames.
To be honest with you I have always been a little gamer girl.
Since I played our Super Nintendo.
I've played all kinds of games.
Minecraft is my favourite for now <3

XoXoXo ~                                                                                                                        -Rebella

Jul 11, 2013

Hello decorationfresh!

Hello everyone, In this upload I'm showing how to make a really cute box for gifts or aything else (little)
Also going to tell you about my summer project that is  going to be ready at the end of this summer.
I'm still lookin for some people to help me with the video and I'm the direct of it, still needig a filmer, and some people to act in it. I hope I can get my friends car to it, and I'm oly gona tell you guys that is about oe kind of a journey but you can see it when its done! I wish to have comments if you haave any ideas or you want to be part of it somehow :3

Little box~
what you need:
* match box

*some ribbon
*some stickers
*stick of glue

1. Cut the ribbon and make it a bow ~<3

3. glue the bow ad some stickers

4. And you're done!!
Have fun and be creative ;)

And here is little something for you :3 Photo collage of me :D

Jun 25, 2013

My GoSupermodel + stupid updates

 This is one of my "cyber goth" looks

I think she is pretty. :3 i have to thank Tiia for that.
She gave me almost all of these clothes. I adore this look :3

So again I have been thinking a lot lately and I know this sounds fucking annoying but I just... just...
I really do and I hope I will be fully blooded witch someday :3


Foxy~ <3

Jun 21, 2013

Midsummer Feast and Superb dreams!

So Midsummer feast started today in Finland.
Lot's of people are gonna be drinking today and tommorrow.
But guess what...
I am going to be all sober!
Are you happy about it? :3
Cause I am not :D
Its a huge possibility that I'm going to be all alone this feast.
My sister will go to Tottijärvi and Other family will go to cottage.
I'm not a person who likes to be without a bathroom and without electricity.
I'm all city-girl.
I guess you already knew that :D

I'm still having my dreams:
*Become a rockstar
*Find love
* etc.

BUT I have one new dream too.
I want to have a bar/ club for youngsters.
No alcohol but good music and non-alcoholic drinks.
It would be fun and I think most people won't even think about drinking
when they have a good time without alcohol.
I don't know would anyone come there but I would go if here was a place like that.
What do you think? :3

All from now see ya babiiees ;)
Love ya! <3                                                                                                                        -JanzQ

Jun 15, 2013

Lion king - The hidden stories

Taka a.k.a Scar
Uru and Ahadi had cubs Mufasa and Taka.
They grew happy together but Taka was always in the shadow of Mufasa
Taka had only his mother. His Father was always with Mufasa.
Making Mufasa to become the king.
Taka was really sad and He tried to convinse his father that he is as good
as Mufasa. But Ahadi got mad at Taka and hit him.
Thats how he got his scar and changed his name.
Scar got very angry when his mother died, She was the only
thing he had.Scar run away and found a girl lion called Zira.
They had a cub named Nuka. Then Zira got pregnant again and Vitani was born
Together Zira and Scar made plans how to make Scar a king.
Scar never told anyone about Zira.
Once Zira found a cub all alone.
She took him with her in the desert and grew him as her own. 
His name was Kovu.
Scar wanted Kovu to be the King after he got the kingdom and would die.
Scar lived happy with his family without anyone knowing about them.
He lived with mufasa as well.
But when Simba was born, Scar lost his hope.
He would never become a king.
He planned to kill Mufasa and get rid of Simba so he could take the kingdom.
But when Simba came back, Scar was killed by him.

Kopa's story
When Nala and Simba fell in love they decided to have a cub.
Pretty soon Nala got pregnant and the couple had a boy cub named Kopa.
Simba and Nala loved Kopa very very much. 
Pretty soon Nala got pregnant again.
Then Kiara was born.
Kopa did not like Kiara much..
He thought that she is a little brat.
Kopa played a lot far away from home.
He found a playmate named Vitani.
They became bestfriends and eventually fell in love.
One time Kopa had to take his little sister with him.
He did not want to but He decided to agree.
They were walking around untill Kopa sees Vitani again.
He runs to her to say hi, but Kiara pushes him sraight to Vitanis lips.
Now Kopa started to like his little sister
One day Vitani and Kopa were playing on the near by ciff.
Suddenly Vitani almost falls but luckily Kopa catches her.
Vitani was so grateful she decided to show Kopa to her mother Zira.
But Zira was not happy, She got furious to Vitani and told her not to see Kopa again.
Vitani cried as Zira walked away.
Zira had an evil plan.
To revenge Scar's death, she kidnapped Kopa and killed him.
Vitani, Simba, Nala and Kiara were really broken.
Vitani grew even closer to Kovu cause her love was now gone.

Thats are two hidden stories behind the Lion king movie.

Hope you liked! BLOG YA LATER XoXo <3                           - JanzQ

Jun 2, 2013


Decorate an object!
I decorated my mouse. :3

You need:
* The object
* Nail polish (any kind)
* Nail polish remover
* Cotton pads
* Tooth picks
* Pencil

1. Clean the object with mildsoap water
2.Draw the pattern you want with the pencil
3.Place the object on the table and take you nail polish
4. Clean every dried polish from the tip
5. Take the tooth pick and dip it in the polish
6. Draw the pattern
7. Let dry
8. Done!!
 Pretty awesome huh?
 I wish I had some diamonds to it :3

There is really easy way to decorate anything you have!
phone, mouse, camera, laptop, anything! <3

Blog ya later!~                                                        -JanzQ                         

May 27, 2013

Leopard is the new black!

I'm absolutely in love with leopard print :3

Its sexy and feminine.
You all know I adore cats, so leopards = <3

This make up is so cool!

I really loooooove this shirt!<3
 Those lips!<3
I adore These nails! <3


That tattoo is just beyond awesome!! <3
      Someone give me a hair like this?! ;)^Seriously you must be adored by this!^Again a quick post :3                                                                                                                                                -JanzQ 

May 26, 2013

Number 16

 I have been thinking a lot lately about the number 16.

I'm 16 years old.
16 is/was my lucky number
16.11 was Emma's and my anniversary
16.01 was my and the morons anniversary.

What is with the 16, everyone says its the most glamorous year in the teenage life.
I tell the truth its not!
I think its time to have a new lucky number.

How I got the number 16 as my lucky number?

It all started in elementary school.
We had this thing called unicef-walk.
(we walk many km and more we walk, the more our parents give money to charity)
And my crush walked the most km in our class.
So he could choose one number between 1-22
He said 16 and I won a frisbee.
I know right? Who cares about some frisbee?
I did cause i was on 4th and it was from my crush.
It was huge thing back then.

Now I'm starting to think its not a lucky number afterall.
I think the 16 is more like 13 to me.
I'll never sit in a place 16 in a plane :D

 Goodbye number 16 !!



Hello my baaaabiiieeess ;)

I have some news for  you.
I'm single again.
Because the mister broke up with me with a TEXT MESSAGE!!! :D
ahahahahaha, seriously im not kidding! :D
He is what u think he is.
Im not gonna say it myself cause u know its not pretty.

So cutiewutie<3

A real showstopper huh? I adoreeee pikachu!<3 Here is some more!


family of pikachu<3

I cant be the only one who thinks he is supercute!<3

I wanna focus on the brightsides of everything.
I cant be happy no matter what! I will write more later, again just a  quick update!


Mar 27, 2013

Updates and more updates.

Heyaa! Sorry that i havent been here for a while.
Its just cause I have been too lazy or busy to write :D
my life now:
I do have my boyfriend still (I know you think how its possible for this long :D)
I have no school, I do work at times but its only when i have someone as a customer.
(I make piercings, haircuts, make-ups)
Im no longer friends with Laurie or Cynder.
Nowadays im friends with Simba and Leia.
And ofc half-of-time I'm at my sister's.
You know that who has saved my life many many times.
Same girl :D
Nothing very very interesting has happened.
I just act like an idiot all the time like usual.
Even now im at my sister's and writing this on a huge screen and she and her boyfriend are staring at my writings :D
One thing i am scared about and that is :
I feel very vey wierd about it it pounds a lot at times and feels weak.
 I have to get to  the  doctor about it but as you all know its hard to me cause of my social frights.
I'm quite sure that I will write more tomorrow, but as you guys know i can't promise it.

Here is a quick text about my life now.  Love ya all <33


Mar 4, 2013

Me, myself, & I


-                2011            





 I think this red haired look was the best <3

Jan 12, 2013

Between heart and sense

I had very good day today and it was almost the best one of my life.
But now because of it I can't really think about anything..
Everything just spins around in my head.
I have no idea what i should think.

So from the start, me and Laurie went to one shoppingcentre to kill some time.
I had planned to go to the movies with Mike.
It was kind of unexpected that Laurie and Cynder were about to come with us but I'm actually happy they did.
We went to see the Frankenweenie. I thought the movie was brilliant but not suitable for very young kids cause even I got freaked out at some points. 

This is kind of part of the movie :D

oh and I'm planning to make a new video for my blog.
Comment and tell what you want to be the subject :3

Bye ya all for while <3


Jan 8, 2013

Burned down times and rotten housewives

Hello hello my dear readers again.
New year has started but not in a very nice way.
I'm still stuck with school.
I did not have my report paper at all in this semester.
I had nothing to show to teachers so they couldn't give me grades.
Well I dont actually now is it good  or bad thing.
Everyone else thinks its bad.

I have learned to like couple "new" bands.
They 're not new but they are new to me.

Skillet <3

my favourite song from them  is Comatose

Witchcraft <3


No music = No life ;)

I'm absolutely in love with horrormovies beacause they're hilarious!
I laugh so hard to them, I wet my eyes (and pants :D)
No I mean seriously :D Take a look at these bitches :D  
I had nightmares just cause of that U.G.L.Y face :D
 Soooooooo funny! :D
Even tho she is prettier that the first one :D

Thats what you get when you can't be normal and scared of things. :D
Well, I'll be back here tomorrow :3
P.S Laurie Is Da Best! <3