Jan 12, 2013

Between heart and sense

I had very good day today and it was almost the best one of my life.
But now because of it I can't really think about anything..
Everything just spins around in my head.
I have no idea what i should think.

So from the start, me and Laurie went to one shoppingcentre to kill some time.
I had planned to go to the movies with Mike.
It was kind of unexpected that Laurie and Cynder were about to come with us but I'm actually happy they did.
We went to see the Frankenweenie. I thought the movie was brilliant but not suitable for very young kids cause even I got freaked out at some points. 

This is kind of part of the movie :D

oh and I'm planning to make a new video for my blog.
Comment and tell what you want to be the subject :3

Bye ya all for while <3


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