Jan 8, 2013

Burned down times and rotten housewives

Hello hello my dear readers again.
New year has started but not in a very nice way.
I'm still stuck with school.
I did not have my report paper at all in this semester.
I had nothing to show to teachers so they couldn't give me grades.
Well I dont actually now is it good  or bad thing.
Everyone else thinks its bad.

I have learned to like couple "new" bands.
They 're not new but they are new to me.

Skillet <3

my favourite song from them  is Comatose

Witchcraft <3


No music = No life ;)

I'm absolutely in love with horrormovies beacause they're hilarious!
I laugh so hard to them, I wet my eyes (and pants :D)
No I mean seriously :D Take a look at these bitches :D  
I had nightmares just cause of that U.G.L.Y face :D
 Soooooooo funny! :D
Even tho she is prettier that the first one :D

Thats what you get when you can't be normal and scared of things. :D
Well, I'll be back here tomorrow :3
P.S Laurie Is Da Best! <3


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