Mar 27, 2013

Updates and more updates.

Heyaa! Sorry that i havent been here for a while.
Its just cause I have been too lazy or busy to write :D
my life now:
I do have my boyfriend still (I know you think how its possible for this long :D)
I have no school, I do work at times but its only when i have someone as a customer.
(I make piercings, haircuts, make-ups)
Im no longer friends with Laurie or Cynder.
Nowadays im friends with Simba and Leia.
And ofc half-of-time I'm at my sister's.
You know that who has saved my life many many times.
Same girl :D
Nothing very very interesting has happened.
I just act like an idiot all the time like usual.
Even now im at my sister's and writing this on a huge screen and she and her boyfriend are staring at my writings :D
One thing i am scared about and that is :
I feel very vey wierd about it it pounds a lot at times and feels weak.
 I have to get to  the  doctor about it but as you all know its hard to me cause of my social frights.
I'm quite sure that I will write more tomorrow, but as you guys know i can't promise it.

Here is a quick text about my life now.  Love ya all <33


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