May 27, 2013

Leopard is the new black!

I'm absolutely in love with leopard print :3

Its sexy and feminine.
You all know I adore cats, so leopards = <3

This make up is so cool!

I really loooooove this shirt!<3
 Those lips!<3
I adore These nails! <3


That tattoo is just beyond awesome!! <3
      Someone give me a hair like this?! ;)^Seriously you must be adored by this!^Again a quick post :3                                                                                                                                                -JanzQ 

May 26, 2013

Number 16

 I have been thinking a lot lately about the number 16.

I'm 16 years old.
16 is/was my lucky number
16.11 was Emma's and my anniversary
16.01 was my and the morons anniversary.

What is with the 16, everyone says its the most glamorous year in the teenage life.
I tell the truth its not!
I think its time to have a new lucky number.

How I got the number 16 as my lucky number?

It all started in elementary school.
We had this thing called unicef-walk.
(we walk many km and more we walk, the more our parents give money to charity)
And my crush walked the most km in our class.
So he could choose one number between 1-22
He said 16 and I won a frisbee.
I know right? Who cares about some frisbee?
I did cause i was on 4th and it was from my crush.
It was huge thing back then.

Now I'm starting to think its not a lucky number afterall.
I think the 16 is more like 13 to me.
I'll never sit in a place 16 in a plane :D

 Goodbye number 16 !!



Hello my baaaabiiieeess ;)

I have some news for  you.
I'm single again.
Because the mister broke up with me with a TEXT MESSAGE!!! :D
ahahahahaha, seriously im not kidding! :D
He is what u think he is.
Im not gonna say it myself cause u know its not pretty.

So cutiewutie<3

A real showstopper huh? I adoreeee pikachu!<3 Here is some more!


family of pikachu<3

I cant be the only one who thinks he is supercute!<3

I wanna focus on the brightsides of everything.
I cant be happy no matter what! I will write more later, again just a  quick update!