Jun 25, 2013

My GoSupermodel + stupid updates

 This is one of my "cyber goth" looks

I think she is pretty. :3 i have to thank Tiia for that.
She gave me almost all of these clothes. I adore this look :3

So again I have been thinking a lot lately and I know this sounds fucking annoying but I just... just...
I really do and I hope I will be fully blooded witch someday :3


Foxy~ <3

Jun 21, 2013

Midsummer Feast and Superb dreams!

So Midsummer feast started today in Finland.
Lot's of people are gonna be drinking today and tommorrow.
But guess what...
I am going to be all sober!
Are you happy about it? :3
Cause I am not :D
Its a huge possibility that I'm going to be all alone this feast.
My sister will go to Tottijärvi and Other family will go to cottage.
I'm not a person who likes to be without a bathroom and without electricity.
I'm all city-girl.
I guess you already knew that :D

I'm still having my dreams:
*Become a rockstar
*Find love
* etc.

BUT I have one new dream too.
I want to have a bar/ club for youngsters.
No alcohol but good music and non-alcoholic drinks.
It would be fun and I think most people won't even think about drinking
when they have a good time without alcohol.
I don't know would anyone come there but I would go if here was a place like that.
What do you think? :3

All from now see ya babiiees ;)
Love ya! <3                                                                                                                        -JanzQ

Jun 15, 2013

Lion king - The hidden stories

Taka a.k.a Scar
Uru and Ahadi had cubs Mufasa and Taka.
They grew happy together but Taka was always in the shadow of Mufasa
Taka had only his mother. His Father was always with Mufasa.
Making Mufasa to become the king.
Taka was really sad and He tried to convinse his father that he is as good
as Mufasa. But Ahadi got mad at Taka and hit him.
Thats how he got his scar and changed his name.
Scar got very angry when his mother died, She was the only
thing he had.Scar run away and found a girl lion called Zira.
They had a cub named Nuka. Then Zira got pregnant again and Vitani was born
Together Zira and Scar made plans how to make Scar a king.
Scar never told anyone about Zira.
Once Zira found a cub all alone.
She took him with her in the desert and grew him as her own. 
His name was Kovu.
Scar wanted Kovu to be the King after he got the kingdom and would die.
Scar lived happy with his family without anyone knowing about them.
He lived with mufasa as well.
But when Simba was born, Scar lost his hope.
He would never become a king.
He planned to kill Mufasa and get rid of Simba so he could take the kingdom.
But when Simba came back, Scar was killed by him.

Kopa's story
When Nala and Simba fell in love they decided to have a cub.
Pretty soon Nala got pregnant and the couple had a boy cub named Kopa.
Simba and Nala loved Kopa very very much. 
Pretty soon Nala got pregnant again.
Then Kiara was born.
Kopa did not like Kiara much..
He thought that she is a little brat.
Kopa played a lot far away from home.
He found a playmate named Vitani.
They became bestfriends and eventually fell in love.
One time Kopa had to take his little sister with him.
He did not want to but He decided to agree.
They were walking around untill Kopa sees Vitani again.
He runs to her to say hi, but Kiara pushes him sraight to Vitanis lips.
Now Kopa started to like his little sister
One day Vitani and Kopa were playing on the near by ciff.
Suddenly Vitani almost falls but luckily Kopa catches her.
Vitani was so grateful she decided to show Kopa to her mother Zira.
But Zira was not happy, She got furious to Vitani and told her not to see Kopa again.
Vitani cried as Zira walked away.
Zira had an evil plan.
To revenge Scar's death, she kidnapped Kopa and killed him.
Vitani, Simba, Nala and Kiara were really broken.
Vitani grew even closer to Kovu cause her love was now gone.

Thats are two hidden stories behind the Lion king movie.

Hope you liked! BLOG YA LATER XoXo <3                           - JanzQ

Jun 2, 2013


Decorate an object!
I decorated my mouse. :3

You need:
* The object
* Nail polish (any kind)
* Nail polish remover
* Cotton pads
* Tooth picks
* Pencil

1. Clean the object with mildsoap water
2.Draw the pattern you want with the pencil
3.Place the object on the table and take you nail polish
4. Clean every dried polish from the tip
5. Take the tooth pick and dip it in the polish
6. Draw the pattern
7. Let dry
8. Done!!
 Pretty awesome huh?
 I wish I had some diamonds to it :3

There is really easy way to decorate anything you have!
phone, mouse, camera, laptop, anything! <3

Blog ya later!~                                                        -JanzQ