Jun 2, 2013


Decorate an object!
I decorated my mouse. :3

You need:
* The object
* Nail polish (any kind)
* Nail polish remover
* Cotton pads
* Tooth picks
* Pencil

1. Clean the object with mildsoap water
2.Draw the pattern you want with the pencil
3.Place the object on the table and take you nail polish
4. Clean every dried polish from the tip
5. Take the tooth pick and dip it in the polish
6. Draw the pattern
7. Let dry
8. Done!!
 Pretty awesome huh?
 I wish I had some diamonds to it :3

There is really easy way to decorate anything you have!
phone, mouse, camera, laptop, anything! <3

Blog ya later!~                                                        -JanzQ                         

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