Jun 21, 2013

Midsummer Feast and Superb dreams!

So Midsummer feast started today in Finland.
Lot's of people are gonna be drinking today and tommorrow.
But guess what...
I am going to be all sober!
Are you happy about it? :3
Cause I am not :D
Its a huge possibility that I'm going to be all alone this feast.
My sister will go to Tottijärvi and Other family will go to cottage.
I'm not a person who likes to be without a bathroom and without electricity.
I'm all city-girl.
I guess you already knew that :D

I'm still having my dreams:
*Become a rockstar
*Find love
* etc.

BUT I have one new dream too.
I want to have a bar/ club for youngsters.
No alcohol but good music and non-alcoholic drinks.
It would be fun and I think most people won't even think about drinking
when they have a good time without alcohol.
I don't know would anyone come there but I would go if here was a place like that.
What do you think? :3

All from now see ya babiiees ;)
Love ya! <3                                                                                                                        -JanzQ

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