Jul 11, 2013

Hello decorationfresh!

Hello everyone, In this upload I'm showing how to make a really cute box for gifts or aything else (little)
Also going to tell you about my summer project that is  going to be ready at the end of this summer.
I'm still lookin for some people to help me with the video and I'm the direct of it, still needig a filmer, and some people to act in it. I hope I can get my friends car to it, and I'm oly gona tell you guys that is about oe kind of a journey but you can see it when its done! I wish to have comments if you haave any ideas or you want to be part of it somehow :3

Little box~
what you need:
* match box

*some ribbon
*some stickers
*stick of glue

1. Cut the ribbon and make it a bow ~<3

3. glue the bow ad some stickers

4. And you're done!!
Have fun and be creative ;)

And here is little something for you :3 Photo collage of me :D