Aug 28, 2013

If you're too school for cool

Heya my lovelies!

Today I decided to write in here, Its been a while again..
So now I'm going to talk about...


I have been at my new school for almost two weeks now and all I can say is that
I hate my new class. There is only 2-4 people I don't wanna beat up. ( 20 students in total )
They have so "funny" jokes about my hair and clothes.
BUT as you know I'm (trying to be) mature and leave it all behind and not show how much
they irritate me.
I everyday just want to scream "I FU*KING HATE YOU!"
but instead of that I just smile and listen to music.
My studies are going well even tho I'm not coming along with the other students.
I'm really doing my best and I think I will go far if I can just concentrate
as hard as I can on the school this year. 

I know how some of you love music so I'll put few songs on my playlist.
 (I listen them usually when I wake up)

Here are couple of my favourites:

I really like Miley's new style! Someone would say that she is slutty and stuff, but I think she is really beutiful and being what she wants to be. She might not ant to be like that forever but now she wants and I'm proud she can be however she wants to! She gives me strenght to be myself too :3

And as you can see I'm in love with videogames.
To be honest with you I have always been a little gamer girl.
Since I played our Super Nintendo.
I've played all kinds of games.
Minecraft is my favourite for now <3

XoXoXo ~                                                                                                                        -Rebella