Sep 26, 2013


Hi everyone.
Im the First time blogging from my phone. I got new phone yesterday
Samsung galaxy s 3 and im really much in love with it. I can post more pictures and other stuff with this. Its white-lime colored. The phone is white but i have a flip cover on which is lime. So really fresh looking. You cant even believe how happy i am now. I have wanted this phone for ages and I finnally got it.
So now i can promise 100% that i will blog much more. Even some useless shit.

Now its fall in finland and it was a huge suprise for me that it would be this freezing cold. The first Frost has come and i got to say its horrible. I really happen to hate Winter. Its very beautiful but im already freezing and i dont like that the snow wets everything.
But the fall is really exremely Beautiful time. The colors are so delicious.

I also have started training baby care. I have neq baby born doll and I love taking care of it. Its so fun.  I do get to take care of a real baby when i want to. I have 4 months old god boy called Miro. He is easily the cutest baby i have ever seen. He talks his own baby worda and laughs at me all the time
He hardlyw ever cries at all.
I can post a pic of him when i learn to so it. Haha ♥

Oh and speaking of learning. My school goes really bad. I do learn fast and that but i have so many missed classes. Over 20h now... and if i dont do anything to it soon ill be kicked out of the School.

I also found pictures of me in the internet i have not upload myself. About that i am so fucking mad.

That is the latest hearings from me and my life but what  would a blog be worhout any political wievs.
I know!

See ya!                  -Rebella xoxo

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