Jan 27, 2014

Hello once again audience!

Yes the title is stolen from tobuscus.

But yeah. What i've been up to all this long long time huh?
Simple as fu** absolutely nothing.

I have broke up once again.
Dating is not my thing...
Turned out Rufius and I were not matching. But thats about it.

And.. uhm much difficult things happened what i do not want to tell anyone in public because its not suitable at all. It was horrific and im not going to tell you all the details.

And yes i have almost fu**ed up my school, a.g.a.i.n... its just gettin too frustrating and ive been so tired holding these things inside me all the time.. I have only one person to talk with now because i have simply screwed everyghing up.

And that person is Pawi~♡

I cant thank him enough for all the things he is done for me,  Im so thankful and Im saying that from the bottom of my heart♡ He told me to never lose hope and never take all the blame when its really not my fault. Im just going with the flow.

He makes awesome music and we are going to make a song together. If its giid enough we will post it in youtube and ill link it here too♡

I have been getting my old friends back and im really happy about it♡
I love you sooo much.

Nothing had changed in my style.
Still the same rocker as i've been a long long time.

You can still follow me in instagram
Rebella_ Darkstar

Heres some photos of me and some cute texts. By them im going to sleep now cause its so late.
Night blog-dogs! ♡