Apr 2, 2014

Dreamers life

I dont understand this anymore.
My life is really wierd by now.
Something about this day disturbes me a lot.
Bus driver, my boss, some random dude... Have been nice to me.
I dont know.

I went to work to do one magazine post and a blog post.
My boss told me I did them really well and blah blah.

I got out of work and went to the buss stop.
Well My bus drove by and I was pissed off.
When the second one came I realized I didnt have the money for the ride. 
I stepped out of the bus but it was still there.
Bus driver opened the door and invited me in.
He said : " You're such a pretty girl I can't leave you freezing outside, hop in"

I came out of the bus and one random dude came there and started flirting with me.
Like was he blind?
I know Im pretty but I'm not that pretty.

And about the prettiness:

This look was at my birthday party

This one is from couple days ago <3

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All for now blogdogs <3


-Rebella Darkstar

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