Apr 23, 2014

Filthy Hearts found eachother

As I'm sure you figured out that.. IM EXTRA HAPPY!
I told a little ago that I have a crush..
uhm... Look where we are now!! <3
Here. What a cutie?! 
We listen same kind of music and both like hockey
(We playfully fight about it all th time cause he likes other team and I like other. and the teams against eachother in the finals. o_O)
Something to laugh about in the future then :D

We have commons// Differences:
*Music //  Problems (OFC)
*Style  //Different hockey teams
*Dreams // Age ( He is 21)
*Personality  // He is chill,  I have a Temper 
*Family is important to both of us

ppsssttt.. I Love you Dani <3 

We've been laughing and hanging around for (plz dont laugh) 13  days.
But we match way too good.
It feels like He has always been with me.
Im pretty sure this is just a dream but I try to stay positive :D

Oh and My sisters wedding is coming soon. too soon.
I need a new dress but im broooke.. :c
Any Ideas Anyone?!?! Im gonna be a bridesmade o.o
Me? Can you imagine it? :D I barely can.
(ugh, its hard t type.. im really itchy cause of paint and wood dust.. I've been working on a little project.) I  gonna leave this short. Since it freaking late again. I never learn 

Night my lovelies <3<3


      -Rebella Darkstar 

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