Apr 4, 2014

Peace, love and Harmony

I had a pretty crappy day.
Work was rough in a way and boss was not happy,
but when I got out of there I saw a really beautiful sunset.
(sorry for the quality, phone camera)
That actually made me quite happy.
I've had a "Peace, love and harmony" - additude the whole day. 
I even made a cool pendant. 

took me couple hours to do that pendant but I'm proud of it. 
Its a keyring with some cotton string, wooden beads and some natural feathers. ( as you can see OwO)
Looks little bit like a dream cathcer but its so much smaller.
I want to make couple of these to give to my friends :3

That is kinda all I had for today. Work and some beautiful things. I don't always love life but It can still surprise me <3
Goodnight now my honey bee's <3


- Rebella Darkstar

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