Apr 7, 2014

Weekend (unnecessary update)

I did all kinds of stuff on weekend.

I planted some easter grass.
Cute little ones huh? 

Last night I made these cutie cupcakes with my big sister <3

Mmmm.. yummiiieess ...<3 


I also hang my adorable black panther wallflag over my workspace <3

So fierce but pretty <3

You can also see some roses from my 16th birthday and my other little stuff like marbles :D

Here is another beautiful sunset from last friday, same place same colors but different day <33
goooosssh nature can be so beautiful <33

And ofc what would sunday be without any selfies <3

Rock n roll all the way my darlings <3 My sweet little Rottens <3

Goodnight, tommorrow is a school day!! <3


-  Rebella Darkstar

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