May 30, 2014

Gothic bling

Hey all my lovelies <3

Again I'm acting like an complete Idiot and staying up all night, tommorrow will be the last day of school. For everyone else.... I have to work trough summer to make up the hours I've been missing. But any how tommorow is going to be only 3 hours so I dont think It matter that much. When Im tired I just find everything so hilarious. ehhehheh.

Hmmmhh... I've turned just itsybitsy more gothic style again. Nothing radical but some little changes. More poetry, darken look, and I've made some new jewelry from supplies my grandma gave me.

This Ring is made out of a ringbase, a button and some bead separators.

This Necklace is made out of a metal finding and a old pendant, Its a doublefaced piece.

Heres the front....

And here is the back of the piece, couple of 
jumprings and some nailpolish.

 This collar is made out of Velvet and a chain with a metal finding :3

Very dark jewelry <3 Im so proud of them.
Anyway, I'll get a cup of coffee, go for a cigarette, do my makeup and hair and go Hell 

I mean school >.<

So Good Morning blogdogs <3


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