Jun 12, 2014

Rainyday Activities~

I've done a lot in these couple of days.
BUT first...


You're The sweetest little one~
I love you. You're always gonna be my little sis. I'm always here for you.
I wish you an awesome Sweet 16!<3

And Happy late Birthday to RayVen~ and early Birthday wishes to MoM<33

Now. I can tell what Ive been up to. I cleaned my room in 4h ( World record! It sill looks messy..)
Uhm I colored my hair some Tigerstripes.
 Made couple new clothes.
Painted some Jars.
 Later today, Tomorrow and Friday (the 13th and fullmoon *.*) I need to help my older sis with her moving. And Sunday morning Ill be in church to see my friend get her comfirmation~ (ok. Dont ask)
 I counted all the H.I.M. songs I have in my spotify, 71 songs. I JUST LOOOOVE IT!! <33

I can't think anything else now. Im just listening to music and thinking about going to my older sisters soon.

See ya honeybunnies <33 Also My little EmoMonster keep your cool! ;)


-Rebella Darkstar~