Aug 17, 2014

My whole summer (Rock 'n Roll and summer fun)


Sorry I havent been here for a little while. I had a really busy summer. I did all kind of stuff but what I didnt do was the normal activities to do. ( you know me, Im far from normal)
I know a lot of you have been waiting and checking for my updates, so Im honestly sorry that I havent been here updating. I even had a whole week without phone or computer. I was just sitting at home with my sweetie, just chilling and getting rest. 

What Ive been up to;

1. Work - No  official summer job but I made up my missing school hours.  Nothing interesting... just boring, normal house duties.

2.Played Minecraft - Yes, I am back to that. That son of a bitch just got me hooked again.

3. Went to Särkänniemi - Its a amusement park in Tampere. I just love the place. I went with my lil bro. 
Top 5 of the rides are:

 best ride of any I've been in <3

2.Take off
Twist and turn, loving the G-force <3

 Like bumper cars, but bumping isnt allowed, still fun tho <3

roughly translated to "Surf". Mostly I love the view!<3

 Up, down. This topsy turvy ride is just great. <3

5. Meeting my darling<3 - Yeah, I promised not to date anyone and not to post that in here but I cant help it. HE IS JUST PURE AWESOMENESS!
I mean just..... just... look at him!
He is the cutest, most adorable, funniest, kindest, nicest monkey I've ever met <3 Christian a.k.a Slayer <3

6. My sisters wedding ( sorry I've got no photos I could post)  - It was really fun altough I was sick. Seriously I had a throat inflammation... But still I laughed most of the time, I sang karaoke, I danced, I was in a limo!! :o 

7. and the SIMPLY BEST THING!!  MILJOONA (=million) ROCK!
I was in the front row, my voice is still gone and i still cant hear well.

4 bands were performanced there:
*Eppu Normaali
* The 69 eyes
* H.I.M. (!!!!!!!!!!<3333333)
The 69 eyes
The 69 eyes

 I still can't believe I was there. OMFV!! He is just way-too-mother-fucking-cute to be true. His voice melted me in there, I cried, I tried to reach for him, I screamed my lungs out, I almost fell on my knees, I almost threw up for screaming so loud, and I nearly even passed out.

"It's poetry carved in flesh
This beautiful hell of ours
To the deadliest sin we confess
(Tears of joy fill our eyes)
We are safe where disfigured saints
Cry out their prophecies of doom

My heart's a graveyard, baby
And to evil we make love
On our passion's killing floor
In my arms, you won't sleep safely
And of lust we are reborn
On our passion's killing floor..."
-H.I.M - Passions killing floor-

Somebody tell me 666 ways to say Goodnight :D
I wrote this almost whole night and now I just wanna curl up in my bed with "Slayer" and sleep. (If the cat lets us) *yawn*

Goodnight blog-dogs!!

-Rebella Darkstar~  XoXoXoXo